A Statement Of Beliefs

The Seventh Day Christian Assembly

The Seventh Day Christian Assembly has available A Statement of Beliefs for your consideration. It is a 105-page paperback book that details our most basic beliefs and doctrines. While not exhaustive, it is complete enough for the interested person to understand the bases and truth of these beliefs as revealed in God's word. It is a well-researched, biblically-based work containing 346 footnotes referencing information sources and scriptures. If you are a serious student of scripture, you would do well to have this book in your library.

Here is a basic outline of the topics covered in A Statement of Beliefs:

The Nature of God

A. The God Family
B. God: The Father and the Son
C. The Unity of God
D. The Holy Spirit
E. The Love of God

1. God's love toward mankind
2. Man's love toward God
3. Man's love toward mankind

F. The Grace of God

The Holy Bible: God's Inspired Word

A. The Inspiration of God's Word
B. The Nature of God's Laws
C. The Righteousness of the Law
D. The Righteousness of Faith
E. The Ten Commandments
F. The Weekly Sabbath
G. The Annual Holy Days
H. Prophecy and the Prophets
I. The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Nature of Mankind

A. God's Original Plan for Mankind
B. God's Definition of Death
C. The Independent Mind
D. The Carnal Mind
E. Sin
F. God's Plan of Salvation
G. Regeneration, Sanctification, and Glorification

The Basic Doctrines of Jesus Christ

A. Repentance From Dead Works
B. Faith Toward God
C. Baptisms

1. Water baptism
2. Spirit baptism
3. Baptism with fire

D. Laying on of Hands

1. Blessing
2. Receipt of Holy Spirit
3. Healing
4. Ordination

E. The Resurrections From the Dead
F. Eternal Judgment
G. Spiritual Maturity

The Church of God

A. The Rise of False Christianity
B. The Body of Christ
C. The Ministry of God's Church

The Christian's Financial Responsibility

A. Toward Family
B. Toward the Needy
C. Toward the Church: Tithes and Offering

The Seventh Day Christian Assembly