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The Seventh Day Christian Assembly

Meat In Due Season: Practical Lessons in God’s Truth

Psalm 104:27 says “These wait all upon thee; that thou mayest give them their meat in due season.” Can you handle the truth of God’s word? If you are determined to know God’s truth, this book can show you what that means and how it can be accomplished. Are you ready for the freedom that truth can bring to your life?

The Seventh Day Christian Assembly

There's More To Salvation Than Meets The Eye

Salvation does not result merely from a simple confession of faith in Jesus Christ! Find out what salvation really means in this eye-opening book that shows what faith in Jesus Christ truly involves.

The Seventh Day Christian Assembly

Shaping Your Sexual Behavior (According to God’s Standards)

There is an intense movement afoot in the world today to “normalize” profane sexual behavior, including fornication, adultery, homosexuality, man-boy relationships, sexual relationships between adults and children, and same-sex marriages. How prepared are you to deal with this great threat to the God-ordained institution of man-woman marriage and the family? How far can society go before the God of the Universe decides to spew it out in destruction? You need to know!


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The Seventh Day Christian Assembly

“And God Remembered Babylon”

“. . . And Great Babylon came in remembrance before God . . .” (Revelation 16:19). Why, in God’s revelation to John about the events to occur at the end of this age, did he include this statement? What does Babylon represent and how is it relevant to this present age? Learn the truth about this ancient system and its influence in our world today – if you dare!

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